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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's for dinner this week?

Magnetic Menu Planner from $5 Dinners!
This week we are cooking one of two extra turkeys we bought during the Thanksgiving holiday while they were on sale at rock-bottom prices.  This is something we decided we were going to try and do more often, cooking a large turkey that is, because it provides several meals for our family of six, and better yet, we all love the yumminess of Thanksgiving dinner!  

Above I posted a picture and a link to a magnetic menu planner from $5 Dinners.  She has two different printable versions, a scrapbook version and a recycled version, both of which are super cute!  

What's on your menu for this week?
Hot oatmeal with raisins 
Cold cereal
English Muffins and Jam
Waffles and oranges
Banana, yogurt and toast
Eggs and toast
Bagel and Nutella 

Mac and Cheese
Grilled cheese with apple slices
Deli Sandwich with pretzels 

Chicken & Dumplings (my mother-in-law's recipe), green beans, 7-up Biscuits
Deli Fried Chicken (on sale with coupon), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese
Taco Salad
Spaghetti with whole kernel corn and garlic bread 
Roast Turkey (bought on sale at Thanksgiving and kept frozen), cornbread stuffing, diced potatoes, cranberry & orange sauce, green bean casserole
Left Overs 


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