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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rocky Road Brownies

Little Jaxon and I went grocery shopping yesterday at Wal-mart and before I knew it we were strolling down the Halloween Candy Aisle.  Isn't it funny how those shopping carts seem to have magnets on them and just steer themselves? I grabbed some Halloween fruit snacks and that is when the package of Hershey's miniatures caught my eye.  Actually, the bag I saw was flipped over and the recipe on the back is what I noticed.  "EASY ROCKY ROAD BROWNIES".  Needless to say, miniature marshmallows, pecan pieces  and brownie mix found their way onto my shopping list.  I don't even know words to describe how sinfully delicious these brownies are.
the stuff to get:
11 oz bag of Hershey's Miniatures
2 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
1 cup chopped nuts
1 package (13 x 9 size) brownie mix

how to make them:
1.  Heat oven to 350 degrees F.  Cut each Hershey's miniatures Chocolate Bars into about 8 pieces.  Stir together marshmallows, chocolate bar pieces and nuts; set aside.
2.  prepare brownie mix according to directions.  Bake brownies 2 minutes LESS than recommended baking time; take pan out of oven and sprinkle marshmallow mixture over brownie surface.  Continue baking 3 minutes or until marshmallows are puffed and lightly browned.  COOL COMPLETELY in pan on wire rack.  Using wet knife, cut into squares.  Makes 3 dozen.

the chocolate bars. YUM!

cut each bar into 8 pieces

add marshmallows

add pecan pieces

bake and enjoy!



  1. Quick way to beat that chocolate craving, I love the classic rocky road flavor combination! I would however have to keep from eating those little bars so there will be enough to bake with. Enticing photos.

  2. This is fanatstic way to enjoy rocky road stuff;) And always sometjhing extar for kids;)

  3. GAH two of my fav things in one dessert! Sounds like a ton of chocolatey awesomeness to me :D

  4. it sure does cure a chocolate craving. the pan of them keeps calling my name....